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Warren Gamaliel Harding

Link to OhioPix page on this photograph of Warren G. Harding, AL02708 Warren G. Harding was 55 years old when he entered the White House in March 1921, with Calvin Coolidge as his vice president. President Harding died in office in August 1923, 29 months into his first term as president. In his short time as president, Harding accomplished the following:

  • Established Budget Bureau to streamline government spending and keep track of federal money more efficiently
  • Supported restrictions on immigration, resulting in quotas
  • Signed the Treaty of Berlin to formally end hostilities with Germany after World War I
  • Convened the Washington Conference to limit naval armaments
  • Restored high protective tariffs
  • Vetoed veterans’ bonus pay bill because of insufficient federal money
  • Reduced federal deficit by 25 percent in two years

The Harding Cabinet
Vice President - Calvin Coolidge
Sec. Of State - Charles E. Hughes
Sec. Of Treas. - Andrew W. Mellon
Sec. Of War - John W. Weeks
Atty. General - Harry M. Daugherty
Postmaster General - William H. Hays, Hubert Work, Harry New
Sec. Of Navy - Edwin Denby
Sec. Of Interior - Albert Fall (1921-23), Hubert Work (1923)
Sec. Of Agriculture - Henry C. Wallace
Sec. Of Commerce - Herbert C. Hoover
Sec. Of Labor - James J. Davis

Results of 1920 federal election
Warren G. Harding won the 1920 Presidential election by defeating Ohio Governor James Cox. Harding won 60.3 percent of the popular vote and 404 electoral votes, the largest margin of victory to that date in American history.

Harding: 16,143,407 votes
Cox: 9,130,328 votes
Eugene Debs: 941,827

Harding: 404 electoral votes
Cox: 127 electoral votes

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