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Warren Gamaliel Harding

Warren G. Harding, 29th President of the United States, was owner/publisher of The Marion Daily Star for nearly 40 years. He wrote the following creed to guide his staff. All of the reporters who worked for Harding were given a copy of the creed when they were hired.

by Warren G. Harding

Remember there are two sides to every question. Get both.

Be truthful.

Get the facts.

Mistakes are inevitable, but strive for accuracy. I would rather have one story exactly right than a hundred half wrong.

Boost, donít knock. Thereís good in everybody. Bring out the good in everybody, and never needlessly hurt the feelings of anybody.

In reporting a political gathering, get the facts; tell the story as it is, not as you would like to have it.

Treat all parties alike. If thereís any politics to be played, we will play it in our editorial column.

Treat all religious matters reverently.

If it can possibly be avoided, never bring ignominy to an innocent woman or child in telling of the misdeeds or misfortune of a relative. Donít wait to be asked, but do it without asking.

And, above all, be clean. Never let a dirty word or suggestive story get into type.

I want this paper so conducted that it can go into any home without destroying the innocence of any child.

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