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Flint Ridge Historical Marker

Flint Ridge

Flint Tool "This 'Flint Ridge' must have been as valuable to the the coal and iron mines of Ohio and Pennsylvania are to the white men of the present day."

--Henry Howe, 1888

Flint in the grounds around Flint RidgeFlint Ridge contains quarry pits where all of the ancient people of Ohio came to get flint for both tools and weapons. The flint was also a trade item for many of these people. The flint was especially prized by the Hopewell Culture for its quality and beauty. A walk through the site brings home how hard people labored to remove this material from the earth.

forest The forest itself is worthy of attention. The hardwood forest has some magnificent examples of the trees that created a leafy canopy over much of Ohio. Wildflowers in the spring and colors in the fall all are part of the site. Many species of wildlife abound in the forest as well.

Flint Ridge Museum The museum at Flint Ridge is built around a restored prehistoric quarry pit and explains both the digging and shaping of flint. The unique geology of the area is also a feature of the displays. The site includes a museum shop that features flint as a gemstone with locally manufactured jewelry.

A picnic area with tables, grills, drinking water, and restrooms is available for visitors to the memorial.

Museum Hours: May Through October

Saturday 9 a.m.5 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m.5 p.m.
Holidays CLOSED

Hours: Park Only

Year-round Daylight Hours

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OHS Members FREE
Adults $3
Students (Grades K-12 $1
Children 5 & under Free

AAA and senior discounts given. Military discounts are available to all active military and their dependents.

School Tours:
Visiting Flint Ridge State Memorial is a trip to a site that has seen human activity for as long as there have been people in Ohio. Flint Ridge seems to have been well known in the ancient world, as small amounts of it have been found at Native American sites across the present-day eastern United States. Because of this flint's great beauty, it has been respected throughout the ages as the tools, weapons, and ceremonial objects of native cultures and in modern times in the production of jewelry.

Students experience how flint was formed, why people used flint for tools and weapons, how the flint was worked out of the ground, what could be made from this colorful stone, and what sets Flint Ridge flint apart from other flints in America.

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Flint Ridge is four miles north of I-70, three miles north of Brownsville, in Licking County, at the intersection of County Roads 668 and 312 (Flint Ridge Rd.). Exit eastbound I-70 at State Route 668 and westbound I-70 at exit 142. Flint Ridge is approximately 3 miles north of Brownsville.

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General Information

Address: Flint Ridge
15300 Flint Ridge Rd.
Glenford, OH 43739

Mailing Address
Flint Ridge
c/o Pat Weaver
3800 Pleasant Chapel Rd . SE
Newark, Ohio 43056

1-800-283-8707 (toll free)

Site Manager:
Pat Weaver


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Ohio Historical Society strives to meet ADA requirements. However, historic structures and outdoor areas provide challenges that make it difficult to provide complete access to all visitors. Please call the site with specific questions and concerns.

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