1 December 1994-31 May 1995


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The Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board
Interim Report
1 December 1994 - 31 May 1995

The Ohio Historical Records Advisory Board's major accomplishment during the reporting period was the publication of the board's strategic plan, The Ohio 2003 Plan. OHRAB met three times between 1 December 1994 and 31 May 1995. At its December meeting, the board adopted a resolution in support of Archives Week. George Parkinson and Gary Ness carried the resolution to the February 1995 meeting of the Council of State Historical Records Coordinators in Washington, D.C., where it was accepted by the council. At the same meeting, OHRAB formally adopted The Ohio 2003 Plan and dropped the word "draft" from its title.

The board made implementation of the action agenda To Outwit Time: Preserving Materials in Ohio's Libraries and Archives one of its objectives. The action agenda is the product of a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. In March, the board published The Ohio 2003 Plan and To Outwit Time together in one booklet. Nearly two thousand copies of the booklet were mailed to libraries, archives, historical and genealogical societies, museums, NEH project participants, lawmakers, and professional groups.

OHRAB began to develop its first regrant application, "Homefront and Battlefront: Ohioans Serve the Nation," at its February meeting. The Ohio Historical Society's Civil War Guide Project served as a model for the regrant project. Through "Homefront and Battlefront" the board will encourage Ohio repositories to appraise, inventory, process, microfilm, and prepare descriptive guides to their best collections documenting life in Ohio during times of war. Jonathan Dembo wrote the first draft of the proposal. The application will be completed by staff with assistance from the board. It will be submitted to NHPRC against the 1 October 1995 deadline.

The board invited Julie McMaster and Steve Nowak of the Toledo Museum of Art to attend its May meeting to discuss their proposal "Archives and Records Management Program at the Toledo Museum of Art." Although NHPRC did not fund the project during the 1994 grant cycle, the board encouraged the museum to resubmit a revised proposal in 1995. Board members offered suggestions to improve the proposal. Also at the May meeting, Mary Bowman, President of the Ohio Genealogical Society, who attends OHRAB meetings by invitation of the board, reported on the annual meeting of the society. Board member Barbara Floyd attended the meeting to distribute the plan and answer questions. In addition, the board encouraged the Ohio Historical Society to submit its electronic records grant proposal "Establishing the Ohio Electronic Records Archives."

Grant spending was significantly lower than anticipated. The grant budget calls for expenditures of $4,443.00 for travel, $624.00 for local costs, and $768.00 for services and supplies. During the reporting period the board spent $1,543.42. Travel expenses accounted for $1,126.96 of that total, local costs for $410.60, and postage for $5.86.

The terms of board members Jonathan Dembo, Barbara Floyd, and James Oda expired on 31 March 1995. Governor Voinovich reappointed the three board members 26 June 1995. They will serve terms expiring on 31 March 1998.

In the remaining months of the grant, the board will focus its attention on three tasks. First, the board will complete its regrant application. Second, OHRAB will begin to implement To Outwit Time by directing the activities of the Interim Preservation Office created and jointly administered by the State Library of Ohio and the Ohio Historical Society. Finally, as stipulated in The Ohio 2003 Plan, the board will review the plan and make changes as necessary.

Submitted by:

George Parkinson
Deputy Coordinator

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