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In 1865, the Ohio General Assembly designated a room in the rotunda of the Statehouse as a display area for "the old, war-worn colors, and other relics, received from our brave soldiers." Unfortunately, the years of exposure to sunlight and dust have taken their toll on the battle flags. In 1989, the Ohio Historical Society placed the flags in storage to preserve what remained of the colors. Although the Ohio Historical Society and Ohio Historical Foundation have begun a fundraising campaign to preserve the flags, it will never be possible to physically display all the flags in one location again. The Online Relic Room is the Ohio Historical Society's virtual display area for the military symbols that meant so much to Ohio's veterans and families.

In the Online Relic Room, there is an exhibit gallery for each war and a search function to find specific flags.

Mexican War Room
The Ohio Battle Flag collection contains three flags and one unidentified flag remnant from the Mexican War. The identified flags, all national colors, were carried by the 1st, 2nd and 4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry regiments.

Civil War Room
434 flags date from the Civil War, representing 177 regiments of infantry, cavalry troops and artillery. There are national colors, regimental colors, guidons, and flank markers. Also included are flags of the Black Brigade and the Ohio Ex-Prisoners of War.

Spanish American War Room
The Spanish American War Room features 26 flags representing five batteries of the 1st Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery, one cavalry troop and eleven infantry regiments, including three regiments that experienced combat.

World War I Room
79 battle flags from World War I are part of the collection. There are flags from the 37th Infantry Division, the 83rd Infantry Division, 95th Infantry Division, and two flags each from the 42nd Infantry Division and 93rd Infantry Division.

World War II Room
There are 9 flags of the 37th Infantry Division from World War II in the collection. Seven flags represent units and three are general's colors.

Search for the Flags
To search for a specific Ohio battle flag or unit, use the Online Relic Rooms's search page.


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