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Civil War

Flag Information

Flag Name:  Regimental Colors of the 2nd O.V.V.C.
Alternate Name: 
Catalog No:  H 84352
Flag Type:  Regimental Colors
Flag Text:
Text of AC 2a: Second Ohio Vet. Vol. Cavalry; Waynesboro; Dunwiddie C.H.; Five [??]; Harpers Farm; Appomattox C.H.; Newtonia MO.; Prairie Grove; Cane Hill Ark.; Steubenville KY; Richmond KY; Buffington Island O.; Cumberland Gap; Knoxville; Blue Springs; Russellville; Bean Station; The Wilderness; Hanover C.H.; Ashland; Charlestown VA; Hane's Shop; White Oak Swamp; Smith's Store; Mottaway C.H.; Roanoke Station; Stoney Creek; Ream Station; Winchester; Summit Point; Kearneysville; Opequan; Front Royal; Tom's Brook; Cedar Creek; Back Road; Petersburgh; Appomattox Station; Richmond Text of AC 2b: Second Ohio Vet. Vol. Cavalry.

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: AC 2a

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: AC 2b

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: AC 2ac

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: AC 2bc

Unit Information

Unit Name: 2nd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
Muster In: August - October 1861 Camp Wade Ohio 
Muster Out: September 11 1865 St. Louis Missouri
Unit History:
The unit enlisted for 3 years and re-enlisted in January 1864. Soldiers were recruited from the area known as the Western Reserve in the northeastern corner of the state.


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