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Civil War

Flag Information

Flag Name:  Regimental Colors of the 88th O.V.I.
Alternate Name: 
Catalog No:  H 84356
Flag Type:  Regimental Colors
Flag Text:
Eighty Eighth, Regiment. Vol. Inft,y.

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: U 5

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: U 5c

Unit Information

Unit Name: 88th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Muster In: September - October 1862 Camp Chase Ohio 
Muster Out: July 3 1865 Camp Chase Ohio
Unit History:
Companies A, B, C and D mustered in the fall of 1862. They were known as the 1st Battalion of Governor's Guards. Companies E, F, G, H, I and K mustered in between July and August 1863 at Camp Chase, Columbus, Franklin County, OH. At this time the unit was desiganted the 88th O.V.I.. Primarily served as prison guards at Camp Chase.


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