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Civil War

Flag Information

Flag Name:  National Colors of the 68th O.V.V.I.
Alternate Name: 
Catalog No:  Not cataloged
Flag Type:  National Colors
Flag Text:
[For]t Donelson. Shiloh. Si[ege] [of] Cori[nth]. Iuk[a]. Matamoras. Thompson Hills. Raymond. Jackso[n]. Champion Hill. Fort Hil[l]. Vicksburg. Monro[?] Bogou Chitto. Ne[?] 68th Regt. Ohio. Vet. Vol. [I]nf[y] Big Shanty. Bushy Mountain. Kene[saw] [?] Siege [of] Atlanta. Atlanta. [?] [?] July 28th. Jonesbor[o]. [?]

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: L 8

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: L 8c

Unit Information

Unit Name: 68th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Muster In: December 1861 Camp Latty Ohio 
Muster Out: July 10 1865 Louisville Kentucky
Unit History:
The unit enlisted for 3 years and re-enlisted in February 1864. Six companies were recruited from Henry County and one company each was recruited from Defiance, Paulding, Williams and Fulton counties.


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