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Civil War

Flag Information

Flag Name:  National Colors of the 15th Independent Battery, O.V.V.L.A.
Alternate Name: 
Catalog No:  Not cataloged
Flag Type:  National Colors
Flag Text:
Spear's 15th [?] Seige of Cor[inth] Matamo[r?]a [?] Cold Water, Miss. Siege of V[i]cks[burg] Jackson, Miss. Kennesaw Mountain. [?]kajack, 22nd [?] 28th July [?] Siege of Atlanta. Jonesboro. S[avan]nah [?] J. Burdick, Capt.

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: E 7

Unit Information

Unit Name: 15th Independent Battery, Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery
Muster In: February 1 1862  
Muster Out: June 20 1865 Columbus Ohio
Unit History:
The unit enlisted for 3 years and later re-enlisted, date unknown.


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