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Civil War

Flag Information

Flag Name:  National Colors of the 124th O.V.I.
Alternate Name: 
Catalog No:  Not cataloged
Flag Type:  National Colors
Flag Text:
Chickamauga. Brown's Ferry. Orchard [?]. Missionary Ridg[e]. Rocky Face Ridge. 124th Regt O.V.I. Resacca. Pickett Mills. Kenesaw Mountain. Atlant[a]. Franklin. Nashville.

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: T 1

Catalog No: SA 4605
Negative No: T 1c

Unit Information

Unit Name: 124th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
Muster In: December 1862 Camp Cleveland Ohio 
Muster Out: July 9 1865 Nashville Tennessee
Unit History:
The unit enlisted for 3 years. Co. K mustered in at Columbus, Franklin County, OH between June and September, 1863. Soldiers were primarily recruited from northern Ohio. One company came from Cincinnati, Hamilton County.


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