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popular Ohio Historical Society collections, the Ohio Battle Flag Collection. Ohio soldiers carried the flags, known as colors, in the Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I and World War II. There are more than five hundred flags in the collection, the majority of which are from the Civil War. There are 552 battle flags in the Adjutant General’s battleflag collection, including 434 from the Civil War.

Behind the Lines
Learn more about the personal, military and historical significance of the flags. Behind the Lines tells true stories of the soldiers and civilians who fought to preserve the colors both in war and in peace. Illustrating the featured stories are images and documents from the society's collections.
Online Relic Room
The Ohio Statehouse once had a room called the "Relic Room" where Ohio's military colors were first displayed. Take a virtual tour of this new Online Relic Room and to browse or search the Ohio Battle Flag Collection.
About the Flags
Gain more insight into the history and significance of the Ohio Battle Flag Collection. About the Flags defines flag terminology, explains how the flags were acquired by the state, and provides information about the project to catalog and digitize them.


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