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Behind the Lines tells true stories of the soldiers and civilians who fought to preserve the colors both in war and in peace. Illustrating the featured stories are images and documents from the society's collections.

Flag Uses and Meanings explains the traditional uses of flags developed throughout history.
Captured Glory: Flags Lost and Recovered recounts the experiences of the 121st and 89th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiments (O.V.I.). At the Battle of Chickamauga, the 121st O.V.I. captured a Confederate flag and the 89th lost its flag to Southern soldiers.
We Can Forgive, But Never Forget: Prisoners of Wars Flags highlights two of the most unusual flags in the collection, Prisoner of War flags from the Civil War. Ohio soldiers were held in Confederate prisons such as Andersonville, Libby, and Belle Isle. Many did not survive.
One Country, One Flag, One Destiny: African American Service in the Civil War documents the participation of African American Ohioans in the Black Brigade of Cincinnati, the 54th and 55th Massachusettes Regiment, the 127th O.V.I. and the 5th United States Colored Troops.
The Price of Freedom: The 78th O.V.I. and the Battle of Atlanta tells the story of brave soldiers who risked their lives to protect the colors of the 78th Ohio Volunteer Infantry regiment at the Battle of Atlanta.
For Conspicuous Gallantry relates the valorous deeds of Ohio men who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for saving the colors of their regiments or capturing Confederate flags.
Spanish American War, A New Opportunity to Serve recounts the experiences of the 8th Ohio Infantry in Cuba and the 4th Ohio Infantry in Puerto Rico. While the 8th Ohio faced disease and death, the 4th Ohio assisted to claim Puerto Rico as territory of the United States.
The Rainbow documents the participation of Ohioans in the 42nd Infantry Division, also known as the "Rainbow," during World War I.
Call for Donations The Ohio Historical Society is looking for a few brave Ohioans to donate their letters, photographs, diaries, journals and memorabilia from their service during WW II.


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