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About the Flags defines flag terms used in Fight for the Colors, explores the history of the Ohio Battle Flag Collection, and provides background information about the effort to catalog and digitize the colors.

Glossary of Flag Terms defines such terms and phrases as vexillology, guidon, and E Pluribus Unum, that appear throughout the battle flag web site.
History of the Battle Flag Collection describes how the flags were made, used, and displayed. Also detailed are efforts to preserve the flags, including the current Save the Flags campaign.
About the Ohio Battle Flag Cataloging and Digitization Project discusses the eight-month project to increase access to the battle flags by cataloging the flags, which are part of the society's museum collection, and digitizing photographs and paintings of the flags, which are maintained by the Archives/Library.
Save the Flags A colorful part of Ohio's military history is in danger of crumbling away. The Ohio Historical Society and The Ohio Historical Foundation, in cooporation Ohio Historical Society's Civil War Institute, are working to preserve these beautiful remenants of Ohio's glorious past.


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