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Ohio Historical Society
Partners With Smithsonian

As the newest Smithsonian Affiliate, the Ohio Historical Society begins a reciprocal relationship with the Smithsonian Institution, the largest museum and research complex in the world.

An Announcement of Historic Proportion
The Ohio Historical Society has been named an Affiliated Member and begins a partnership with the Smithsonian that includes greater access to the Smithsonian's vast collection and resources.

"This is the beginning of a very important relationship," says Sharon Dean, director of museum services for the society. "By becoming a Smithsonian Affiliate, we are aligning the strength of the society's collections and resources with those of the Smithsonian."

A Program With a Worthy Mission
The Smithsonian Affiliations program began in 1996. The goal is to establish longstanding, meaningful relationships between the Smithsonian and Affiliate organizations and to share artifacts, programs and expertise, thereby maximizing educational and cultural benefits.

The Ohio Historical Society is one of approximately 160 Smithsonian Affiliate museums and educational and cultural organizations in 40 states, Panama and Puerto Rico. The Smithsonian Affiliates program will bring amazing resources to Ohio and help the Ohio Historical Society fulfill its education and outreach mission.

An Opportunity With Endless Possibilities
One of the most important benefits of the partnership is that the Smithsonian's collections-based Affiliations program permits the long-term loan of artifacts and will enable the society to incorporate Smithsonian collections into exhibits, educational initiatives and research programs. The Smithsonian has 136 million objects in its collection, and, as an affiliate, the Ohio Historical Society can ask to borrow objects or documents that can enrich the story of Ohio and its people. In addition, there is the potential to bring objects and the story of Ohio to the 30 million people who visit the Smithsonian each year.

Society Members Will Benefit
"Details are still being ironed out, but Ohio Historical Society members will soon learn about more benefits from the partnership with the Smithsonian," says Jane M. Mason, director of marketing and communications.

Photo of the Castle on the Mall in Washington, D.C. Designed by James Renwick and completed in 1855, the Castle is the administrative headquarters of the Smithsonian Institution. Logo of the Smithsonian Institution
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